California Labor Solutions (CLS) is a professional human resources consulting, training, and workplace investigation services firm. We work with private and public sector organizations throughout California, including federal, state, and local government agencies; educational institutions; and transit organizations.


  • HR Consulting – Confidential consultation for CEOs, HR directors, and Management Personnel, on any HR-related issue. This includes assisting HR departments and managers to build HR systems/processes to improve the equity, effectiveness and efficiency associated with operations while implementing measures to minimize legal liability exposure.

  • Workplace Investigations – We respond to employee complaints, union grievances, and government agency inquiries (e.g., Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights).

  • Employee Training – We offer a diverse array of customized workshops and trainings to address virtually every employee professional development need, as well as legally mandated requirements such as AB 1825 – Sexual Harassment Prevention training.

  • Policies and Procedures – We will work with you to design effective systems, policies and procedures to address a variety of needs which may include: improved efficiency, consistency, accountability, transparency, and legal compliance with state and federal laws.

  • Conflict Resolution – As a credible neutral third-party, we will serve as a mediator or facilitator in order to help clarify and bring to resolution complex employee grievances, disputes and complaints.

CLS provides you with experienced, trained and qualified consultants to fulfill your basic, moderate or highly complex needs. To learn more about the credentials of our highly-qualified consultants, click HERE or go to the “ABOUT US” tab