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Engaging Training for Engaged Teams

Creating a highly engaged team requires an organizational commitment to professional development.  After all, building an inclusive, supportive, and productive culture doesn’t happen by accident. 

Studies consistently show that more than 90% of managers feel they need more training to deal with important issues, such as conflict resolution, employee retention, performance management, office morale, and customer satisfaction. 

At CLS, we train your employees and leadership teams on a wide range of topics – including organizational culture, diversity and inclusion, customer service, and management techniques.  

Our Most Requested Trainings Include:

  • Supervisor/Manager Training: that includes identifying and avoiding HR compliance issues; employee performance management from the write-up to termination; and strategic leadership and building a positive culture with loyal team members.
  • Harassment Prevention Training*: providing clear and simple instruction to staff on their rights and obligations related to harassment and building on that with supervisors to include practical strategies on preventing and responding to harassment, discrimination, and retaliation complaints from the perspective of an EEO investigator and HR professional. * Businesses with 5+ employees are legally required to train ALL of their supervisors/staff.  
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    • EEO and Diversity Training: includes ensuring that everyone who has a role in the hiring process is aware of the non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity laws. Also, we train them to apply professional techniques to hire the best candidate objectively and know how to structure and perform the entire hiring process for efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to defend against complaints alleging unlawful discrimination. A key objective of the training is to design a hiring process that influences the selected candidate to accept the job and those not chosen to tell others about their great experience with the company. 
Live Employeee Trainings

Why Choose CLS Training?

Our presenters ensure that employees are fully engaged during the training and can receive answers to their questions in real-time, reducing distractions, and maximizing participation in the required training.

At CLS, we offer onsite training and webinar format, both interactive, designed to improve performance, teach relevant skills, and bring your company into compliance with legal requirements. 

Online trainings (that don’t offer a highly interactive presenter in real-time like CLS) may be convenient and cheap, but studies show they are significantly less effective than live in-person training or webinars where the instructor can interact with participants to ensure that they are engaged and learning the material.

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