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As a small or medium-sized business, you may not need a full-time in-house HR manager. But you do need a reliable HR partner.

We will take your human resources management to the next level. From trending topics like ’employee engagement’ to critical ones like ‘regulatory compliance,’ we work with you to address the current issues and prevent new ones from developing.

We are a business solution that will help you navigate California’s challenging landscape.

Our HR Consulting & Regulatory Compliance Services

HR is about so much more than hiring, firing, payroll and benefits. HR is about any issue about your employees and independent contractors.

It is easy to misclassify employees if you are not on top of it. Misclassification of employees as independent contractors can expose your business to financial penalties and legal liability. If the duties or remuneration of exempt employees change, you may need to classify them as non-exempt employees.

Although California is an at-will employment State, your internal policies and procedures may undermine your ability to let an employee go. We will help you avoid this situation by drafting your Employee Handbook, Policies and other written procedures.

The HR mantra is “document, document, document.” We will guide you on how to keep appropriate records of your HR management practices to help defend your business in case of a lawsuit.

All your HR systems, policies, and procedures must comply with State, Federal, and even local laws and regulations. Otherwise, your business may be exposed to legal liability. We both know this could be devastating.

By partnering with us, you will reduce your business’ risk of fines and penalties for non-compliance or lawsuits, from former or current employees or job applicants.

Bridge the gap between your company’s current expertise and its real needs, whether you need supplemental services to support your team or you’re looking for an outsourcing solution.

We offer a wide range of customizable solutions designed to meet your needs, including:

  • Employee Handbooks and Other Written Policies.
  • Hiring Processes.
  • Employee Complaint Processes and Workplace Investigations.
  • Design Systems and Processes to Optimize Operations.
  • Management Practices.
  • Employee Performance Management.
  • Measures to Minimize Legal Liability Exposure.
  • Regulatory Compliance with State/Federal Laws.
  • Training and Performance Development.
  • HR Assessments with Problem-Solving Solutions.

We will get to know your company’s unique needs by being part of your team. This full insight into your operations will help us design and implement new policies. We provide solutions that are best suited for your specific industry and business.

Improve employee relations, motivation, and performance, learn to anticipate and address a wide variety of sensitive issues, and prevent issues between you and your employees with the right guidance.

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Benefits of Working with California Labor Solutions


You will have a dedicated HR Advisor. We will get to know your business and its specific needs. We will build with you the strategies to help you overcome your most significant HR challenges.


Our clients deserve the highest quality and expertise. We believe in blending ongoing education with experience. This allows us to deliver an advanced level of knowledge and skill to serve your business’s HR needs.


By taking a partnership approach to our work, your success becomes our primary goal. We treat your business as if it were our own and offer scalable solutions that can grow with your evolving needs.

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