Not documenting employees’ performance issues and adverse disciplinary actions might increase legal risks when the employer needs to terminate an employee…


Why should I care about documentation?                                                                                                                           Documentation

Documentation can also be a great guide to managerial staff on employee promotions, disciplinary actions, pay raises, and terminations, along with increasing the perception of security for your employees, guaranteeing you are on the same page regarding procedures, policies, performance actions, and employment events.


What should I keep a record of?

If you’re still wondering which situations are documentable in terms of Employee Relations in California, here is a fair list of the things you should be keeping a record:

  • Contracts of employment and employee offer letter
  • Onboarding
  • Attendance – Sick leaves, Maternity leaves, Absences, etc.
  • Accommodation of a disability
  • Contributions
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Disputes
  • Investigations
  • Performance evaluations
  • Policy compliance or violations

Employee Relations in California

Maintaining extensive records of your employees’ work history allows the organization’s HR function to keep a detailed report of important events in the workplace.

HR documentation must be factual, objective, not judgmental, and unbiased. The goal is to describe the situation as neutral, accurate, and detailed as possible without tinted opinions.


Formal vs Informal Documentation

The documentation kept in HR can be formal or informal depending on the procedures inside the company and the communication between employer and employee. Storing documentation properly is highly important because it can contain valuable information to protect yourself and your company from any allegations of unlawful treatment.

  • Formal documentation: contracts, forms for leave requests, information about disabilities, and other standardized documents depending on the legislature.
  • Informal documentation: meeting notes and communication about feedback and pay rise that was made via email or message.

How Can California Labor Solutions Help You?

When it comes to storing all relevant information, the HR Department needs to have clear procedures and policies and have a general understanding of the duties of the employer and employee; also, you need to be ready to satisfy the organization’s legal obligation to respond to employee complaints with a prompt, equitable and thorough Workplace Investigation.

We have significant experience creating/updating Employee Handbook policies, providing recruitment support, creating disciplinary action letters for Employee Relations, and conducting objective and unbiased External Workplace Investigations throughout California.

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