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The HR-Undercover Program:Pull Back the Curtain on the Customers’ Real Experiences

With an estimated 52% of consumers having switched brands in the past year due to poor service, are you confident in your answer to this big question:

Is your business being threatened by your own people?

Poor customer service is often related to issues with employee performance management, operational processes, and organizational culture – but most business leaders aren’t able to objectively identify the gaps in their company’s ability to deliver against the needs of their customers.

This is why California Labor Solutions (CLS) developed the HR-Undercover Program* – a quality management program that helps you become more profitable and competitive.

What is the HR-Undercover Program?

Imagine if you were able to get a dynamic view into your customers’ perceptions on your company.  Imagine if you could remove your “boss’s hat” and see how your employees interact or perform on any given day.  Imagine if you could peek behind the curtain and use those insights to improve customer satisfaction, client retention, and employee engagement.

Our HR-Undercover Program allows you to do just that by providing unbiased feedback on:

  • Real Customer Experiences
  • Brand Perception
  • Employee Integrity and Knowledge
  • Product and Service Delivery

It’s a powerful tool for organizations that are serious about increasing profits, standing out from the competition, and developing longer-lasting relationships with customers and staff.  Our investigation team objectively assess the quality and compliance of your organization’s services – creating a snapshot of your operations in motion.  This gives you actionable information on areas that need further investigation, issues that need correction, and the ways in which your team is thriving.

How Does the HR-Undercover Program Work?

  1. We begin by clarifying your company’s operational standards, needs, objectives, and culture.
  2. We investigate your organization’s general or specific onsite operational concerns*.
  3. We issue a confidential report, including recommendations for correction or improvement from a highly experienced HR professional.
  4. We work with your administrator, HR team, and location manager to design and implement corrective action, as necessary.

Why Does the HR-Undercover Program Work?

When implemented with transparency as an on-going marketing and management tool, your employees quickly begin treating every customer like a potential product/service investigator.  Their level of service naturally increases, along with their drive to expand their operational knowledge – even when their supervisors aren’t watching.

Customer satisfaction is a critical component for your company’s success.  The HR-Undercover Program not only improves employee engagement, business processes, and customer service; but it also pays for itself by returning steady increases in profit.

*California Private Investigator License Number 26311

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