Human Resources is growing faster, and now HR Management is more than an administrative department that makes job applications and provide benefits. HR managers are leaders in building and growing healthy business by managing employee education, performance and retention. Workforce has evolved too.

Here are the newest trends on human resources:

  • Workforce Demographic is Getting Younger

Millennials (people born between 1981 and 1997) now rank as the largest American workforce. This generation looks for companies that hold their same personal values and have a good environment. They are more likely to stay with a company if they have trainings and leadership roles opportunities.

Companies need to have a good training program and a clear growth path for their employees.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

Companies are prioritizing diversity and inclusion. This goes beyond age, race, ethnicity or gender. It also means diversity of thought, perspective or socioeconomic background.

Studies have shown that companies who value diversity reap the benefits, including innovation and higher performance levels. Diversity allows companies to compete on a global scale, reaching new clients and uncovering talent.

It’s important for companies to create a culture where employees feel respected and part of the team. Also, works on a harassment prevention training program.

  • Remote Work

With the pandemic, this practice has become very common, additionally, technology makes it easy for remote workers to securely and efficiently perform their jobs from pretty much any place with a Wi-Fi connection.

In fact, many companies are reducing square footage devoted to offices and partnering with co-working spaces, implementing shared desks, and more practices to motivate their employees to work from home.

Another advantage, is that companies can hire employees who live outside their local area, finding more opportunities to fill some positions.

  • Social Media at the Workplace

Social Media is one of the most important platforms nowadays. Companies are inviting their employees to share content about the company in their personal accounts to help magnify the company’s reach. Also, share with their contacts job posting, and vacancies to help HR Teams to fill out positions.

  • A Partner for Your HR Management

HR challenges can be incredibly overwhelming to manage and can lead to costly mistakes that many small business owners can’t afford to make. HR outsourcing is a great tool for business owners to help them navigate the complicated HR landscape and minimize risks and compliance issues so they can focus on growing and running a successful business.

For more information about solutions to get ahead of the above challenges and HR Trends, please contact California Labor Solutions. We are based out of Orange County, California and we offer HR Consulting Services that include: HR Outsourcing, Regulatory Compliance Solutions, and Supplemental HR Support (for in-house teams).