Month: May 2019

Top CA Companies Use ‘Stay Interviews’ to Drive Success – Do You?

DATE: May 22nd, 2019

Say goodbye to old exit interviews. California’s most successful companies are using stay interviews to boost engagement, support strategic planning, and so much more.

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Could ‘Employee Performance Management’ Be Your Game-Changer?

DATE: May 15th, 2019

Performance management strategies are increasingly becoming the gold standard for business owners & executives who are serious about achieving success.

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What CA Business Owners Need to Know About Personnel Records Requests

DATE: May 8th, 2019

There are strict laws for responding to personnel records requests – so don’t put your business at risk by not understanding what’s expected of you.

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Are Your Customers Really Satisfied? Why You Need a Quality Management Program

DATE: May 1st, 2019

A quality management program can help you increase profits, stand out from the competition, and develop longer-term relationships with customers and staff.

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