Every business owner and manager strives to have a conflict-free workplace where all employees feel included and engaged. Unfortunately, workplace disputes can happen despite your best intentions, and they can be incredibly disruptive – for both the short-term and long-term.  A professional workplace investigation can help to minimize the impact of a complaint while building an atmosphere of trust, inclusion, and loyalty.

Workplace Investigations 101: The Basics

When there’s an allegation of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, ethical impropriety, or a myriad of other serious claims, an employer has a legal responsibility to look into the complaint, find out what happened, and decide what to do about it.  You can choose to do this in-house, but many find that they have better results when they trust this time-intensive and especially sensitive responsibility to an expert.

A professional workplace investigation gives the organization access to a fully trained, objective, and impartial specialist who can look into the allegation without bias and without being influenced by company politics, friendships, or latent “norms.”

The Overlooked Benefits of Professional Workplace Investigations

It’s true that a professional workplace investigation can protect your company from damaging liability claims, but there are other impactful benefits that often go overlooked.

A Culture of Accountability – When everyone is held to the same standard, it creates a company-wide culture that’s based on trust.  Instead of having an employee fear that management will stand alongside their “favorites,” you’re communicating that the company will stand behind the truth.

An Environment of Inclusion – When an impartial third-party is brought in to investigate a complaint, it says that you’re committed to empowering all voices.  Employees who feel valued in this way are much more likely to be engaged in their work – which has a major impact on productivity and loyalty.

An Impartial View into Bigger Issues – When you leverage a top-quality professional workplace investigation service, you gain access to a wealth of expertise that can help you uncover hidden issues that are putting you at risk.  This lets you create a proactive HR strategy, instead of responding only when problems arise.

The Most Reliable Professional Workplace Investigation Service in Southern California

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