Fact #1

The California Supreme Court unanimously held in Goonewardene v. ADP, Inc., that a payroll service provider cannot be held liable for errors it makes in issuing paychecks to workers of companies it contracts with. The Court also held that payroll service providers do not owe a duty of care to employees to ensure the Labor Code and wage orders are followed.

Fact #2

The national average cost for a small business to defend and settle an employment related claim is $160,000 and required 318 days to get resolved. In California, small businesses had a 46% chance of having an employment charge filed against them, compared to the national average of just 10%. (Hiscox Insurance claim data)EVERY successful California business has a local experienced HR Advisor as a component of their executive management team.

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Additionally, we offer Training & Professional Development, and Workplace Investigations.

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